What Makes A Good Packaging Design?

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Singapore Tokyo Design Programme

Isn’t it awesome to travel to a land where pandas and tigers live in harmony in a snack packaging? Well, we were there and we want to share our experiences with you.


We were featured on Packaging of the World!

Mojo Media’s Saucisse House of Gourmet work was featured on Packaging of the World!

So what is the right mojo that is requrired to create a good package design?

In the past, packages does what they were built to do. It protects, preserves, and contains the product for easy transportation. But now, the primary goal of packaging design is to attract, distinguish the product from the competitors and to create brand recognition. An effective packaging looks attractive, "shouts" with its creativity and serve as an eye-candy to have it on the shelf.

Consumers have been proven to make purchases based on colours, shapes etc, and with almost 75% of purchases being made on impulse today, your packaging has to attract the right emotions and make the right statement.


Bzzz Bzzz packaging is a good example of making use of structure to garner attention. Using the shape of a bee hive, consumers will naturally link it with honey, it is also serves as a good gift. Picture source: Packaging Of The World


Unicurd Singapore Packaging Not only it distinguish different brands and product types but also captures your attention. According to the studies of colour physcology, a great deal is decided by visual cues, the strongest and most persuasive being colour. Picture source: Mojo Media


Just Pure Water Typography sets the tone of the packaging without the consumer actually having to read any copy. Typography is there to set a theme and mood in a packaging. Special fonts are often used to draw the attention of younger age groups. Today, typography in pacakging design often reflects a company's brand. Classical fonts are for a traditional refined, educated personality, while more modern fonts are for a cleaner, neutral look. Bold fonts are used for making statements and attracting attention. Picture source: Packaging Of The World


eBay Box Designers can improve the sustainability of packaging by the choice of materials they use. For many years, plastic has been the material of choice for packaging designers, consumers are now becoming increasingly averse to the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials. Using recycled and recyclable materials is one way packaging designers can provide sustainable credentials to consumers. Recycled paper and cardboard can often be implemented in many designs where plastic was formerly used.

In the picture above, the new eBay Box is made with 100 percent recycled content, printed with water-based inks, and designed to require minimal tape. And once it reaches the end of its useful shipping life, it's fully recyclable. From the box's fine print: "Don't worry, it will come back as something nice, like a birthday card or movie theater popcorn bag. Picture source: Packaging Of The World