Our new website, oranges not included

Keeping Up With The Times. Time brings change. Today, I have a fantastic opportunity to introduce to you Mojo Media’s new face lift! The team @ Mojo is all excited to unveil not only our new website but also our refreshed identity.

I remember when web 2.0 advertising methods first became popular. I thought to myself, there’s no way I’m going to get involved with Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube, or anything of the like. This is when I truly learned for the first time that I had to learn to be open-minded and adaptable. Even though I didn’t totally understand yet how I could benefit from using these tools, when I heard of the sheer numbers of people that are using them, I realized the vast potential. It’s hard to ignore it when you’re talking about an excess of a few million people.

Just like anything in this world, all of us agree that only with constant updates of ourselves then we can keep up to the ever changing industry. If not bit by bit, they will just get “rusty” and fall off. We have since embraced social media – Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites – as a way to communicate our corporate messages to the world at large.


Our Old Website started back in 2008

Old and New Logo

Old and New Logo


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