Packaging design trip to Tokyo!

Isn’t it awesome to travel to a land where pandas and tigers live in harmony in a snack packaging? Well, we were there and we want to share our experiences with you.

It is most packaging designer’s wish to go to Japan to learn about packaging design , and we are in luck – Organised jointly by IE Singapore, Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association and Design Council Singapore, we were able to exchange views and learn from the professionals from JDP (Japan Institute of Design Promotion) and MIPRO (Manufactured Imports and Investment Promotion Organization).

Most people are wowed by how the Japanese package design are able to capture the attention of theirs and it is often strange to me that how the Japanese is able to squeeze so much information into such a small packaging yet looks good. We were there not to learn this awesome technique but to look at points that are more in-depth (You are right, Japanese are always so considerate and thoughtful and they apply that to their packaging too). Below are some of points that we thought we knew but always overlooked:

  • How the packaging interacts with the contents in the refrigerator (Japanese categorized their fridge into sections, size of the product have to be around the same size as the others in the market)
  • Minimizing the fuse of using the package ( Ease of flattening the box after usage, hand position when grabbing the package  etc.)
  • Is the packaging able to retain it’s neat look after opening?
  • Is the labels easy to peel off after usage? ( For easy recycling)

Okay we won’t bore you with more information anymore, now let’s move on to the pictures!
IMG_2497 IMG_2619 IMG_2923 IMG_2932 IMG_2953 IMG_2958 IMG_2959 IMG_3017 IMG_3029 IMG_3070 IMG_3071 IMG_3098 IMG_3120


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