Inside, though, we’re still the same: your trusted partner in great packaging design, bespoke service, and innovative thinking.

We decided to rebrand ourselves because we wanted a new brand that reflected the journey we’ve come on, and the direction we want to take in the future.

As you’ve been an important part of our journey, we want to share the idea behind our new brand with you.

You might already know that ‘mojo’ refers to a special quality that attracts people, something almost magical — an instant appeal.

But why red? Because we work so extensively in packaging, we know that red is one of the most eye-catching colours, causing physical reactions including increased heartbeat. This means that it’s the perfect retail colour, and the perfect colour to get your customers enthusiastic about your product. That’s why we picked red to represent Mojo: we want everyone around us to feel the energy and excitement of our work.

As always, we are committed to delivering the best packaging solutions and to serving you with passion and dedication.

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